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Huge fan of the following: Tolkien, BBC Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Sean Bean. Sherlolly melts my heart.

Also a huge fan of 'Breaking Bad.'




If this doesn’t prove that they’re perfect for each other, I fear nothing will…

I mean…

She’s cutting open a body and casually talking on the phone…

And he’s nonchalantly blowtorching an eyeball while talking to John…

Come on.

Molly with a bone saw and blood on her fingers is one of my all-time favorite moments.  I mean, she was in the middle of cutting open a dead body when she dropped everything (except the bone saw) to call Mrs. Hudson over concern for Sherlock’s speech.  Not for his “ruining everything” or for laughing at him, which is everyone else’s focus, but because she’s concerned for him.


Yeah and some wonder why we ship them ;)

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cybersyncing said: ok but hear me out: The Hobbit where everything is the same except Bilbo has the personality of Martin Freeman

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Anonymous said: but there isn't any good reason why the eagles couldn't have flown frodo to mordor





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Excuse me, but Sauron is immensely stupid, and if he wasn’t, he’d have fucking won.
I mean c’mon, the dude had fellbeasts and what did he give the Nazgûl to work with?
… Scary Horses. He gave them scary horses that were afraid of water.
If the Nazgûl had shown up with THE FUCKING FELLBEASTS RIGHT AWAY, they would’ve had Sauron’s Bling back by midnight before there even WAS a Fellowship otR!
Also, the Eagles didn’t have to fly over humans. In the air, there are many ways to get to Mordor, and not all of them involve flying over a ton of armed humans.
As for the argument about the Eagles not owing Frodo shit - true. But you know, if the whole You Are Part Of This World So You Have To Care thing worked for the Ents, then it sure as hell could’ve worked with the Eagles, and don’t tell me they could’ve coexisted peacefully with Sauron. No species whose leader owes Gandalf a favor can afford to not give a shit about living in a world that belongs to someone as fundamentally stupid as Sauron.

imageLet me peacefully deconstruct your argument, since I’ve been reading these books since I was ten years old and analyzing them immensely.

  • First off, Sauron didn’t “give” the Nazgûl the horses. If anyone did any distributing of livestock, it was Saruman. He was Sauron’s right hand man in the dealing with things like that, and he usually enacted judgment without Sauron’s approval. 
  • Secondly, the horses of the Nazgûl weren’t afraid of water at all. They were afraid of the water enchanted by Elrond which contained spirits of fallen riders. In the books, the horses start crossing the river right away no problem; it’s when the enchantment comes in that they start freaking out. 
  • The fell beasts weren’t used until later because the ring was supposed to be found in secrecy. No one’s gonna really look more than twice at a creepy dude on a black horse (more common than you think, especially in Bree), but if they fly in on a dragon-looking creature, people start to be a touch more concerned. Sauron absolutely did not want people waging war against HIM, he wanted to wage war against THEM when his forces were ready and strike at Minas Tirith. If armies started constructing once the fell beasts were seen, he’d have a crap ton of stuff to deal with that he wouldn’t want to deal with. He wanted to take the ring quietly back from its current bearer. 
  • "The eagles didn’t HAVE to fly over humans" unfortunately, you’re missing the reference I made to the hobbit. Where, after the dwarves were rescued from the wargs by the eagles, the eagles took them no farther than an eyrie. "The Lord of the Eagles would not take them anywhere near where men lived. ‘They would shoot at us with their bows of yew.’" Also, if the Eagles DID take Frodo to Mount Doom, you bet your butt they would have to fly over a crap ton of humans that would shoot at them. Humans from the south lands from Mordor came to aid the dark lord and were ordered to shoot down things from the sky excepting those things allowed by Gorthaur. 
  • Now here’s the thing you’re over assuming about the eagles. You seem to think they have a distinct sense of morality similar to man’s. But they don’t. The Lord of the Eagles owed gandalf, practically a God from the first age who dwelt in the lands of Valinor, a favor. When you owe someone of that repute a favor, you literally have to pay it back. (Especially if Manwë is witness to it). Eagles don’t care very much about the lands of Middle Earth and what happens to it. If crap goes down, they would literally fly back over to the undying lands and continue going about their business. Eagles never have given a rat’s ass about Middle Earth and they really never will. (Your point about the Ents is true, but the Ents are creatures planted and rooted on Middle Earth, whereas the Eagles were not. The ents also had reason to be alarmed and fight because Saruman was deliberately killing their kin. Yes, the Eagles might fight back if their kin started being killed. But until then, no thanks.) 
  • EVEN THEN. Some of the Ents were like “Nope. Don’t care” and wouldn’t participate in the lovely war festivities. 
  • And SAURON WASN’T STUPID. GANDALF SAYS THAT TONS OF TIMES. Do you know why Gandalf chose Frodo, a hobbit, to carry the ring? Because Sauron was smart enough to know that hobbits weren’t a threat, so he didn’t worry about them. Frickin’ shirelings. He could kill twenty. Gandalf’s plan was to have the ring taken into Mordor secretly and safely. When he told Frodo “keep it secret, keep it safe” it was referring to the whole journey. If they could sneak past Sauron and toss it into the lava, they were home free. If they flew in on eagles, Sauron would obviously see them and everyone would die.
  • Tolkien knew what he was doing. 
  • Do not try to tear apart Tolkien.

Also can I just point out the tags you put on your post:imageDid you guys hear that.imageimageimage

"Don’t try to be logical about the Lord of the Rings."


Because each one of them wasn’t sad enough.

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'I'm thrilled to be supporting Anno's Africa by donating a very natty Spencer Hart suit to the auction to raise money for this incredible charity. It's an extraordinary legacy that truly befits the beautiful soul of its namesake, Anno Birkin. His brother David Birkin is one of my dearest and closest friends and through him I was lucky enough to meet and be inspired by Anno. His capacity for love and selflessness was effortlessly complemented by his extraordinary gifts as a musician and writer and poet. I was lucky enough to read some of his poetry for a CD again to raise money for this brilliant charity. They are still on sale on the website!

And now with this auction of clothes and memorabilia from across the arts. The charity is dedicated to creating arts courses for some of the most deprived kids living in impossibly harsh conditions in Africa’s worst slums. The lack of sanitation, the living conditions of their homes, which are often corrugated iron shacks in the middle of the near lawless, sewage strewn streets and their means of making enough money to survive often include scavenging on rubbish tips with little or no protection from disease and other dangers is unthinkable. To be born into this with often no hope of escape is the living nightmare for these children.

While the immediate concerns of food, health and shelter for these young lives is paramount the only way to break the cycle of poverty is to offer some hope through education. To give children a chance to hope for better lives through introducing them to skill sets and activities that could lead to employment and a brighter future. And as Anno’s Africa offers an alternative arts education to children who are often incapable of taking up the free education offered by their governments due to the expense of uniforms and books. It celebrates what should be the right of any child to imagine, create and find self-confidence and a voice through fun play and learning. But it also offers real opportunities to capitalise on these experiences and creates a potential avenue into full time employment in many areas of different media. Filmmaking,painting, music and dance…these are just a few of the activities that Anno’s Africa supports. I cannot think of a better legacy for Anno, a beautiful soul I was lucky enough to know sadly all too briefly. But his spirit lives on in his parents and the extraordinary work they and this charity do for children who need it the most.

Please buy my lovely Spencer Hart suit and help raise awareness and money for a cause dear to my heart. ‘


3 September 2014

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First they were like…..





But then something happened…







From awkward cute guy to….BLOODY HELL HE’S HOT

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are you kidding me…

these two assholes probably decided this over tea.

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